A premiere provider of effective strategies to the
business community managing absenteeism,
health related costs, and employer liabilities.
Our Goals at BHS, PC provides a level of service
enhancing our customer’s philosophy, culture,
size and operational goals and objectives.Strategies are customized to your operation and developed with published industry standards, and evidence-based care. Quality is an important part of this development and ongoing monitoring is based on these standards.
Our people are our strength. As businesses are challenged each day to remain competitive, deliver a quality product on time, and grow the bottom line, we realize our services play an integral part in this process. Our staff is committed to continual growth, education, and developing creative strategies that keep Business Health Solutions, PC a cut above the rest.Our management team has been instrumental in decreasing incident statistics, workers’ compensation costs, disability costs, absenteeism, and FMLA usage. With over 31 years experience in occupational health nursing and safety engineering experience, our team has experience in marketing, selling, providing and maintaining these services on a vendor level as well as direct employees responsible for the Health and Safety programs for Fortune 300 companies. The diverse experience of our medical team, also allows expertise in managing any type of medical issue or claim. Our people, certified in Occupational Health and Safety specialties, have also been honored with awards for excellence in safety and occupational health nursing accomplishments and dedication to mentoring new professionals to the field.