• Absence and Case Management
  • Safety/Industrial Hygiene Consulting Services
  • OSHA Compliance Programs
  • Auditing Services & Program Reviews
  • Injury Prevention and Loss Control
  • Work-Related Injury and Illness Prevention and Management
  • Health Promotion/Education
  • Counseling/Crisis Intervention



Our services are tailored to meet the needs and objectives of your organization. Occupational health and safety professionals are available to staff, operate, and manage these positions within the company to maximize your return on investment. We use the initial assessment phase to create the road map. Listed here are samples of services used by our clients.Business Health Solutions, PC, services focus on prevention, protection, and restoration of the workers’ and company’s health and productivity within the context of a safe and healthy work environment. Our initial assessment phase is the key to the successful journey with our clients to impact absenteeism, workers’ compensation and disability program costs, compliance and budget issues, and appropriate staffing mix.